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car insurance claim process in ontario canada
whats an insurance deductible
does insurance cover cracked windshield Ontario

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uninsure motorist coverage ontario canada

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Learn how coverage will be applied to an auto claim where the other vehicle is uninsured

direct compensation property damage ontario

Direct Compensation Property Damage

Learn what the “no-fault” portion of your auto policy covers

accident benefits ontario

Accident Benefits

Injured in an auto accident in Ontario? This is your full guide!

automobile liability insurance coverage in Ontario

Liability Coverage

For causing damages or injuries while in the use or operation of your vehicle

collision coverage in Ontario

Collision Coverage

Collison coverage is an optional loss which covers certain accidents.

comprehensive car insurance ontario canada

Comprehensive Coverage

Collison coverage is an optional loss which covers certain accidents.

ontario claims forms endorsements auto insurance


A complete list of Ontario Policy Change Forms

DUI insurance Ontario

DUI Insurance in Ontario

If you’re looking to get car insurance after a DUI this is the guide for you!

OPCF 43 - Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement - Replacement cost

OPCF 43/43A – Replacement Cost

The OPCF 43/43A provides replacement cost coverage for new vehicles.

car insurance for new drivers in Ontario: G1 and G2

Car Insurance for New Drivers

Car insurance for new drivers to Ontario. G1, G2 and Newcomer auto insurance guide.

OPCF 5 Permission to rent or lease

OPCF 5 Endorsement

Learn the meaning, definition and how the OPCF 5 endorsement works.

hail damage insurance for vehicles in Ontario

Hail Damage to Vehicles

A complete guide to hail insurance coverage for vehicles in Ontario

does insurance cover cracked windshield Ontario

Claiming for a Cracked Windshield?

Find out if it’s worth it!

how to complete an auto proof of loss form Ontario

Auto Proof of Loss Form Guide.

A guide to assist you in completing an auto proof of loss form.

late payments car insurance featured image

Late on your Car Insurance Payment?

Find out what happens when you’re late or miss your car insurance payment in Ontario.

car insurance claim process in ontario canada

Auto Claim Insurance Process

Know what to expect from your auto insurance claim.

driving without insurance ontario

Driving without Insurance in Ontario

Driving without insurance is a serious offence. Don’t let this happen to you!

insurance reinstatement ontario

Car Insurance Reinstatement in Ontario.

Reinstate your auto insurance in Ontario. Know the rules and guidelines!


Ontario Fault Determination Rules

Car accident rules for auto accidents in Ontario—a complete guide with videos.

insurance lapses and drivers license suspensions ontario

Auto Insurance Lapses and Suspensions

If your car insurance has been lapsed or suspended this guide is for you.

does car insurance cover theft in ontario

Does car insurance cover theft?

Find out if theft or attempted vehicle theft is covered under your auto policy.


Do speeding tickets affect car insurance?

Find out if theft or attempted vehicle theft is covered under your auto policy.

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What’s No-Fault Auto Insurance?

Your guide to Ontario No-Fault auto insurance.

who can driver my car in ontario canada

Who can drive my car under my insurance?

Be careful of who you lend your vehicle to!

whos at fault in a parking lot accident in ontario

Who’s At-Fault in a Parking Lot Accident in Ontario?

Learn which rules insurance adjusters use to designate fault in parking lot accidents.

rental car insurance ontario

Do you need rental car insurance coverage?

Whether renting a vehicle for an insurance claim or vacationing purposes, this guide is for you.

do parking tickets affect car insurance in Ontario

Do Parking Tickets Affect Insurance?

Get the right answer to this long-aged question.

whats an insurance deductible

What’s an Insurance Deductible?

Helpful guide with definitions, explanations and examples.


What to do if your insurance gets cancelled.

Your guide to car insurance cancellation.