Does insurance cover a cracked windshield in Ontario?

does insurance cover cracked windshield Ontario
Does car insurance cover a cracked windshield in Ontario, Canada?

Insurance will cover a cracked windshield if you carry comprehensive or all-perils coverage on your auto policy in Ontario, Canada. 

When is a cracked windshield not covered?

A cracked windshield is not covered when you do not carry comprehensive, specified perils or all perils coverage.  Also, windshield repair or replacement may not be covered if you have an exclusion on your auto policy for windshield damages.  The exclusion does not apply to hail damages.  

Factors that affect whether the windshield is covered for repair or replacement

  • Size of the crack or chip – sometimes the crack or chip on the windshield is too large to repair. The only option would be to replace the entire windshield. 
  • Exclusions 13d – sometimes drivers have an exclusion for windshield damage on their auto policy.  This is not typically seen in the province of Ontario but is prevalent in Alberta where vehicles are more prone to windshield damage. 

Will my insurance go up because of a windshield claim in Ontario?

No, your insurance should not go up because of a windshield claim. Windshield claims are covered under comprehensive coverage which does not affect your auto insurance premium. However, if you have too many claims for windshield damages your insurance company may elect to exclude windshield coverage entirely (does not apply to hail).  This depends on the particular insurance company’s underwriting guidelines. 

Going through insurance for a cracked windshield isn’t considered a claim for reporting purposes so it does not go on your claims history. However, a claim for the replacement of a windshield will go on your insurance claim history but should not affect your rates. Having too many windshield replacement claims might exclude you from windshield coverage in future auto insurance policies. 

How do I file a claim for a cracked windshield in Ontario?

Filing for a cracked windshield claim in Ontario is a very easy process. Provided you have comprehensive, specified perils or all-perils coverage, simply call your car insurance company and follow the telephone prompts for the correct department of customer care agent.  Typically the telephone prompts will ask you what type of claim you’re trying to report, with the option to choose windshield repair or cracks. Once your claim for a cracked windshield is reported and filed, the next step is choosing the repair facility. Most insurers have preferred vendors to handle windshield repair or replacement, but it’s up to you where to have it repaired.  

If the windshield chip or crack is too large to repair, replacement of the windshield would be required.  If your windshield needs to be replaced then it would be subject to your deductible. Your deductible is payable to the repair shop once the windshield has been repaired. 

Some insurance companies in Ontario cover windshield cracks on a reimbursement basis. This means that you pay for the chipped or cracked windshield repair and your insurance company will reimburse you after the repair is completed, or some companies will allow directing billing to the insurance company from the windshield repairer. 

Do I have to pay a deductible for a cracked windshield insurance claim in Ontario?

No! Insurance companies typically repair windshield cracks and chips free of charge. They do this as a cost-saving measure for the company, as replacing a windshield would cost a lot more. 

However, if the windshield requires replacement then your deductible will apply.  

Is it worth claiming for a cracked windshield in Ontario?

It is worth claiming for a cracked windshield for the following reasons:

  • It’s free – insurance companies are incentivized to repair windshields
  • It prevents further damage to the windshield that might make it irreparable and subject to a complete windshield replacement that would be subject to your deductible.
  • The only drawback of claiming for windshield replacement is you may lose your claims-free discount on policy renewal. 
  • In terms of having a cracked windshield repaired through insurance, you won’t need to worry about having a claim against you is does not go on your record as a claim and it’s also free!

Are pitted windshields covered by insurance?

No, the pitting of a windshield is caused by wear and tear, which is not covered by auto insurance. 

Will my insurance go up if I claim for a cracked windshield? 

No, your insurance will not go up if you claim a cracked windshield. Going through insurance for a cracked windshield isn’t considered a claim, as it does not go on your insurance history.

Will my insurance go up if I claim for windshield replacement? 

Windshield replacement is covered under specified perils, comprehensive or all perils coverage. If your windshield needs replacement a formal claim is submitted and is registered on your claims history.  

Should I use insurance to replace a cracked windshield?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t claim for a cracked windshield through insurance. First of all, it’s usually free and it will not appear on your driving record. Secondly, you don’t want to wait until the crack or chip gets big enough that the windshield no longer becomes repairable. If the chip or crack is too large you will probably need to replace the windshield and will be subject to a deductible. If the cost to repair a windshield crack is free through insurance, then why would you choose not to? Do it before the chip gets too large for repair, which will prevent you from having to pay your deductible on a replacement proposition. 

Do windshield claims affect insurance in Ontario? 

Claims for windshield damage do not affect your car insurance rates in Ontario. However, if you have too many windshield replacement claims, your insurance company may elect to restrict coverage for windshield damage with the OPCF 13D endorsement

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